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Radio Gear


Install 4 “AA” batteries in the receiver pack on the car. Next install 8 “AA” batteries in the transmitter. When installing the batteries be careful not to push the metal conector tabs on the controller down causing a bad contact. If you do this just pull them back up with a screw driver.

Turn on the radio system and check that all servos are working correctly. Check all the linkages to make sure they are not binding. Always remember, the transmitter is the first to be tuned on and the last to be turned off. Never turn off the radio when the engine is running. To stall the engine you can either run it out of gas or cover the exhaust hole. The switch on the car only turns off the electronics in the car, not the engine.

Always make sure the batteries in both your car and your radio are strong or fully charged. Attempting to run your car with weak batteries will make the car not respond to users controls. It could even completely become uncontrollable and become a “runaway car” and severely damage the car.

Check the wires from your battery and your antenna wire every few runs. These wires could become damaged and result in loss of control.

Before starting the engine, always check the range of the transmitter before running the car. Short range can be the result of a broken antenna wire or weak batteries.


The Rev switches:
These reverse the direction the servo moves when you pull the trigger or turn the wheel. If when you turn the wheel right the car turns left then flip the St Rev switch to correct this. If the brake comes on when you pull the trigger flip the Th Rev switch to correct this.

The Trims:
Your controller will have two dials or sliders. These are used to align the controls. If for example when you are driving the car pulls to one side you can use the steering trim to line it up so it drives straight. You can use the throttle trim if when you turn the radio on the servo opens the throttle or applies the brake to put it back to neutral.

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